Mission Statement

It was the Silk Road, now comes Mei-Zhong-Qiao, the China-America bridge! In the ancient times, the Silk Road facilitated product and cultural exchanges between the East and the West. Now the civilization of mankind has progressed to a much higher level. The world is ever-integrating and globalization has established itself as  the one inevitable trend of the future. The exchanges between the East and the West, especially between China and America, have become more and more important. The range as well as the depth of these exchanges have also been broadening and deepening. But most Chinese people don't understand English and know very little about the Western culture. They often face tremendous difficulties and problems whenever they come to America, with either a business or personal goal. For the same reason, Americans are often frustrated and feel a lack of confidence when they travel to China or deal with their Chinese counterparts over a variety of personal or business issues. Mei-Zhong-Qiao, a China-America intermediary company, aims to assist various China-America exchanges, with all around high quality services. No matter your traveling purpose or goal, Mei-Zhong-Qiao will walk you through every step along the way to overcome the cultural and language barriers, so business will prosper, you will soar, and the world is a more productive and better place for us all!