Student Recruiting & Enrollment

Recruiting students from China: middle schools, high schools, colleges, and graduate schools

With the rise of the Chinese economy comes the rise of the middle and upper class families in China that have been showing increased interest in American education, among other things. Besides financial benefits, adding Chinese students to American schools also diversifies the student makeup, facilitates cultural exchange, and helps produce highly qualified international leaders for the 21st century. Because of this, more and more American middle and high schools have already started directing significant resources to the recruiting and hosting of Chinese students.

With strong Chinese roots and a thorough understanding of Chinese language and culture,  Mei-Zhong-Qiao is well positioned to help recruit highly qualified students from China. We provide all around high quality services and are prepared to walk through every step of the process with you. Simply let us know what areas you need help or assistance in; we will work with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Applying to schools

We will help the students apply to and get enrolled in all kinds of schools by providing the appropriate assistance. School and location preference, lifestyle, and living cost are some important aspects in the decision making process, and we are well prepared to help.